1, 2, 3, now not so easy as A, B, C.

First, we had the Rule of Six and now, we have Tiers 1, 2 and 3 where, depending on what Tier our pubs reside in, tells us the rules we must follow. It is a little confusing, but it’s our job to know the rules to keep our guests feeling confident and safe, leaving you to enjoy our warm service and the good stuff in our COVID-secure pubs.


Across all Tiers, the following rules remain:

  • Guests must wear masks when not seated at their tables
  • We are required by law to take contact details of at least one guest per table for NHS Test and Trace
  • We can only provide table service (via team or order on mobile). Any Tier 3 areas must order a substantial meal alongside any alcohol purchase.
  • We must abide by the 10pm curfew


When moving between tiers, you must abide by the rules of the tier you have come from, not the tier you are travelling into, for example: if you have travelled into a Tier 1 zone from Tier 2 and your group is made up of two or more households, you should all sit outside. However, if you are a single household of 4 guests travelling to our pub for a Sunday Lunch, you are allowed to sit inside. 


As always, we appreciate there are some exceptions to the rules for which we have tried to cover below, where applicable. Should you have any queries, however, please do not hesitate to send in an enquiry form (found on the book a table page on all pub websites) and our reservations team will be happy to talk things through with you.


Tier 1 (Medium): Up to six guests from any number of households can dine or drink inside the pub or our outside space.

Tier 2 (High): Inside, we are restricted to one household/social bubble only; but if you and up to 5 friends would like to sit outside for a pint or bite to eat then please do. We have some cosy outside spaces set up especially. Please do not be offended when our teams ask you to confirm you are from one household when booking with us.

Tier 3 (Very High): We can only serve single households/support bubbles both inside and outside. Please do not be offended when our teams ask you to confirm you are from one household when booking with us.

Exceptions: If a single household or support bubble is more than 6 people. To book a table, please call the Pub as our online booking system is number-restricted.


Tier 1 (Medium) & Tier 2 (High): We can accommodate wedding receptions and wakes for up to 15 people socially-distanced in some of our private dining rooms. Please send an enquiry form, found on our pubs websites.

Tier 3 (Very High): Sorry, but we can’t host any wedding receptions, but we are allowed to host Wakes for up to 15 people in some of our pubs. Enquiries welcome.


Tier 1 (Medium) & Tier 2 (High): We are able to host business meetings for up to 15 people in our private dining rooms. Social distancing should be adhered to so please speak with our Central team to see whether we can accommodate your request.

Tier 3 (Very High): Up to 6 people socially distanced can use one of our private dining rooms. Please send an enquiry form in.

We hope this is helpful, but please do contact us with any queries and we will happily advise on what can be done.

We look forward to seeing you in the pub soon.